We can picture it now: a mysterious warehouse, bass reverberating off the walls and out the singular open door, which has a line of neon lit party-goers anxiously awaiting to get in and start dancing. Yes, Eric Sharp has effectively taken us to an underground party, and we haven’t even left our desk.

This Los Angeles based DJ/Producer not only has the best mustache in the biz, but he’s also one of Vibe’s Top Ten DJs You Should Know By Name. Throwing genre barriers to the wind, Sharp cites musical influences from early Chicago and New York house, giving a mighty nod to the likes of Farley Jackmaster Funk, Green Velvet and Armand Van Helden through his production style.

In his latest release (dropping tomorrow via Love F.A.M.E. Records), Sharp teamed up with Sir DSS and Katxx (owner of the aforementioned label). Comprised of a gloriously industrial soundscape, drippy acid house synths and the obviously suggestive lyrics, this original has all the necessary energy for your late night cravings. Just don’t blame us if you wake up with a wicked hangover from partying till 5AM.

Keep an eye out next week as well, as Sharp has teamed up with Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Records to drop a new original and a remix from Tommie himself.

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