Just like the guys at Gotta Dance Dirty put it, Rusko and Sub Focus are a match made in Hades. Amber Coffman’s sweet delicious vocals DOES NOT PREPARE YOU for the ear bleeding, heavy bass hitting of a beat that comes next. Thank the electro gods for not only giving Sub Focus the talent but the extra compassion needed to have a soothing housey break in the middle of such a filthy drum and bass track.

Rusko – Hold On (Feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)<3<3<3

’Rusko – Hold On (Feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)’

If the above track got your ears wet, I am sure you will enjoy these as well:

Villains – Victims (feat. Whiskey Pete) (Designer Drugs Remix)

’Villains – Victims (feat. Whiskey Pete) (Designer Drugs Remix)’

Swedish House Mafia – One (Original Mix)


Mason – Exceeder (Felguk Remix)


[Sources GDD + CJ + DA]

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