Never Be Like You feat. Kai

When it comes to the Australian musical prodigy Flume, the world waits with bated breath on his releases. Fortunately for his expansive fanbase, with the new year comes news of his long awaited sophomore album, Skin. Following up a teaser two weeks ago containing a preview of each song on the upcoming album, Flume has released the first single on what is shaping up to be another breathtaking electronic-infused collection.

Since gaining widespread acclaim on the back of his 2013 self-titled debut album, Flume has grown as a producer and redefined the electronic music genre with his contributions. In the interim, coupling strong remixes with his showstopping live performances, Flume has become a powerhouse of the industry. The first single from Skin, titled “Never Be Like You” is proof that the 24 year old Sydney native has been hard at work in the studio during his hiatus and exceeding expectations.

Teaming up with Kai, a vocalist who has lent her talents to Adventure Club and Jack Ü previously, Flume adds a much needed hook to this catchy, dynamic song. “Never Be Like You” is the latest evidence that Flume has nearly perfected the technical aspects of electronic music creation, while also achieving some crossover success in lending from arrangements similar to previous Timbaland works. Fans have only received a vague “soon” regarding the official release date of Skin, but there is reason to be optimistic; February 1st will mark the first of many stops on Flume’s music festival world tour promoting the new material.

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