Lane 8

With the clarity of hindsight, it is apparent that Lane 8 went above and beyond to make his mark on 2015. In a year that saw, countless remixes, the release of his debut album Rise, an extensive touring schedule, and an interview with The Music Ninja, San Francisco’s own Lane 8 kept himself very busy.

In an attempt to start 2016 with the most consistent and diligent producers of the year, I made a point to attend Lane 8’s New Years Eve set at the annual Snowglobe Music Festival in Lake Tahoe. As the clock struck 12:00, the producer faded into an unfamiliar, minimalistic piece. As the song progressed, additional layers were introduced and the more familiar aspects of a Lane 8 production began to take shape. The uplifting, electronic song he premiered that night, without introduction, was released last week, titled “Midnight”.

The energy from this deep house masterpiece is infectious early on and continues to impress, through the subtle insertion of its many technical elements, for the full duration of 7 minutes. Lane 8 fans can stay up to date with his latest productions via Soundcloud or by catching him live on tour.

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Lane 8