Emily Vaughn
Better Off (Chachi Remix)

Mondays bring a collective realization that all good things must come to an end. Long gone are the late nights and raucous revelry, giving way to the necessary responsibilities. In this case, though, we can hold onto the weekend just a little bit longer, thanks to one New Yorker in particular.

Coming off an impressive stint on Hype Machine’s popular charts last month, Chachi is back at it again with another impressive remix. This time around, he’s dialed up a deliciously bass-laden interpretation of Emily Vaughn’s “Better Off.” The original was ensconced in a sultry, introspective vibe, all of which is translated into this take through the use of perfectly crafted vocal samples and chops. While we would have been happy with a club-centric thrill ride all the way throughout, Chachi adds in a brilliant breakdown towards the last third of the song, which will instantly induce a toothy grin and emphatic nod of approval.

Aside from a first listen, we’re also offering up an opportunity to snag this delightful tune for free. Click here to pick up a copy for your personal collection.

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