What do you get when you combine two of the funkiest electronic producers in the game right now? The answer: one of the most exciting artist collaborations to happen in 2012 and hopefully a long time to come. Forget about any other equation you’ve learnt in your lifetime. Griz + Gramatik = Grizmatik is all you need to know. Now mash together the titles of their respective albums, Mad Liberation and #digital freedom, and you have yourself the perfect debut track. Everything about this artist collaboration is a match made in heaven. On paper, on a screen, through your speakers. It all just makes perfect sense.

After teasing eagerly awaiting fans for the past few weeks, #DLIMF has finally been released, and with these two artists being some of the strongest supporters of free music, you can be rest assured they are gifting us once again with the download. The track itself is everything you could hope for from the combined forces of these two giants of funk, feeding your soul with infectious breaks and your lust for gritty electronic synths. And then comes the drop, a clear statement from the duo that they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. These artists have never been content with being pigeon-holed into one style of production, and if this is any indication of the potential of their unified powers, then just about anything is possible. It’s fair to say that excitement levels are pretty damn high for what they come up with next.

’Grizmatik – Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom’
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