One thing The Music Ninja always loves is an up-and-coming artist who we know is on their way to taking over the music scene. When said artist gives us the honor of premiering their work, well, we are pretty ecstatic. Tonight, I have the honor of writing up the premiere of Feature Cuts remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Figure 8”. Feature Cuts is a fairly new EDM producer hailing from Houston who started off on the hip-hop and rap side of the spectrum but after a while decided to use his energy towards producing electronic music and I’d have to say, that was the right move on his part.

Almost every artist out there in the electronic world attempts to take on an always phenomenal Ellie Goulding song and some of those artists do an unforgettable job like Feature Cuts. Feature takes this Ellie Goulding song and completely breaks the softness apart in a mind blowing awesome way. Starting strong immediately with bass and drums, Feature carefully strings Ellie’s voice into his constant moving melody. Then at 1:05, Feature shows just how heavy a drop he can make. The ear drums vibrate along with the body as he continues to carry this powerful drop for a good forty seconds before bringing back Ellie with a sweet, charismatic tune. Once again, Feature takes the listener on a drop that carries before pulling out the bass and carving Ellie’s voice in with a drum tool. As a lover for this music, I am going to keep holding on to see just what amazing new music Feature Cuts comes out with next.

’Ellie Goulding – Figure 8 (Feature Cuts Remix)’
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