A key member of the eclectic Soulection crew, starRo has been a fixture in our Sunday Night Soul series (which we recently just revived by the way), often capturing our hearts with his vibrant and imaginative R&B remixes. However, for his latest EP the LA via Tokyo transplant chose to diverge from his typical approach. Opting for a much more ambient vibe, Emotion is comprised of expansive beats that resonate with the listener and provide room for contemplation. Choosing his collaborators carefully, contributions on the tape come from TMN favorite Jarrell Perry, along with a few more unfamiliar names like Greg Grease, Christian Crow and Vib. Being that this is a much more personal project for him, the talented producer had the following to say about his mindset when he created the EP:

Emotion might betray expectations of listeners who are familiar with my past works. In contrast to my typical sound which is more soul R&B influenced music, I ventured to present my versatility as an artist. I wanted to pursue a more electronic accessible vibe that emphasizes the pieces as “songs” rather than just the “tracks”.

As the title suggests, this EP creates a portrait; a symphony of emotions and can take you back to moments of intimacy that never escaped your lips.

Stream the entire EP below, and follow the download link to purchase the EP from starRo’s official Bandcamp page.

DOWNLOAD: starRo – Emotion EP

’starRo – Particle Of Silent View (ft. Greg Grease)’
’starRo – Secret’
’starRo – It’s Over (ft. Jarell Perry)’
’starRo – Emotion (ft. Christian Crow)’
’starRo – Closer To You (ft. Vib)’
’starRo – Making Love’
’starRo – Tainted (ft. Jarell Perry)’
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