Malik Mustache & Bashh
Slow Boom (Original Mix)[Xmas Gift] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

So rarely do we get the chance to feature tracks from some of our favorite underground dance labels, simply as many imprints who conduct a majority of their business via exclusive Beatport distribution deals only put out about a 2-3 minute preview clip through Soundcloud as opposed to a complete stream; thus necessitating a need for DJ’s or hardcore fans to purchase music through said online retailers. So basically, (after the brief independent music survey) every time a smaller collective with whom we’ve had our eyes on (or ears in this case) releases a free tune, it comes across as this writer’s duty as TMN’s resident voice of niche house genres to share with our inquisitive readership. Today’s foray into the more future echoes of house comes from the Brazilian artist duo of Lekko Antoine & Marcio Neto, or Malik Mustache as they’re more readily recognized in the confines of dance music. Emanating from the unexpected underground hotbed of São Paulo along with the likes of Vintage Culture and more rising artists, Malik Mustache’s latest collaboration with Bashh features an utterly tasteful bouncy analog bassline from which much of G-House builds its vivacious foundations on, as well as a pitched down cypher which waltzes in on top of an acicular synth progression. As the late Mac Dre would say, this one’s had us “feelin ourselves” all afternoon. Snag a free digital download here, which is part of an entirely free LP, Xmas Gift, from G-Mafia Records and stream “Slow Boom” above.

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