Runaway (U&I) (Kicks N Licks Remix)

It seems like every time we hear a Kicks N Licks song, we’re instantly transported to an entirely different world for a few minutes. It’s quite surreal, the soundscapes that they craft, and today’s release is no different. This time around, this sunny San Diego duo has knocked out their interpretation of Galatis‘ “Runaway,” giving an already stellar tune a new look and feel.

We’re not sure if this was intentional or not, but we’re admittedly giddy that it turned out the way it did. Did you notice the lead melody that comes in right at the drop? Does it sound familiar? If you’re a little bit younger, you might not connect the dots, but most of you probably heard “Tom’s Diner” from Suzanne Vega. If you didn’t, fully expect to start singing “do do dodo do do dodo” when you hit replay above.

90’s nostalgia aside, it’s been an absolute pleasure to see these guys continually evolve their craft, getting better and better each step along the way. We’re certainly going to enjoy this one for a while, but we’re eager to hear what’s next as well.

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