What’s up, my ninjas? Once again you find yourself in your desk chair, pondering about your plans for this evening. You’re a little tired from a long week, and you’re actually considering just “calling it an early night”. Well stop right there. Well, I mean keep reading this post, but stop that train of thought. Look down. Press play.

Ahhhhh. You feel that? That’s the party vibe right there. That’s a BPM that has your ass moving in your chair, your foot tapping, and your lips quivering for a taste of something alcoholic in nature. Give in to that feeling, download this playlist, and gear up for a big night out.

And as usual, please dance irresponsibly.

Download zip file: Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #5

’Silo – Check This Ft. Mateusz (Original Mix)’
’The Str8jackets & Sam Obernik – Love and Oxygen (Jerry Rekonius Remix)’
’Avicii – Blessed (Aylen Remix)’
’Silo – Shift Ft. Mateusz (Original Mix)’
’Feel 400 (Pixel Cheese Reboot) – Third Party vs. Zombie Nation’
’Justice – Helix (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix) ‘
’Example vs. Various – The Way You Mix ‘
’Chicane – What Am I Doing Here? (Part 1) (Aylen Remix)’
’Danger On The Wonderwall (DJ 21azy Remix)’
’Bastille – One Night Love Affair (Aylen Remix)’
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