Can you feel that, ninjas? There’s some kind of a faint scratching at the back of your throat. No, it’s not time to fill up the canteen at the water cooler again, nor is it time to hit up 7-11 for a big gulp. That itch you’re feeling is Friday night’s sweet beckon call. Luckily The Music Ninja has done their research and found a way to help relieve this itch. We contacted world famous scientists and discovered that they believe this itch can only be remedied by a few different methods:

1. Crack open an ice cold beer. Drink.
2. Uncork your favorite wine or champagne. Drink.
3. Pour yourself a cocktail made with any number of alcoholic varieties. Drink.

There you have it. Turn up the tunes, pour yourself a stiff one, and get after it. And as usual, please dance irresponsibly.


’Flower (TYR Remix) – Moby’
’Joman – Light Up The Night (Farace Remix)’
’Wallpaper – Best Song Ever (Chuckie and Glowinthedark Remix).mp3′
’Dyro and Loopers Monster Talk (Original Mix)’
’Deniz Koyu x Sean Tyas and Horny Sanchez – Rebox Bong (Bring The Noise Mashup).mp3′
’Sidney Samson x Michael Calfan – Get Low Mozaik (Bring The Noise Mash).mp3′
’Spectrum (Calvin Harris Extended Remix’
’Burning – Ivan Gough Feenixpawl Remix’
’Turn On (Robert Miles x Jack Holiday & Mike Candys x Chris Brown x T
’Hujje – Last Row (Original Mix)’
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