The Knocks
Classic (feat. Powers)

We deserve to wear the cone of shame with this one, ninjas. How could we possibly let the #1 song of the year from one of our most favorite artists of all time just slide right through the cracks? Last month, The Knocks teamed up with Powers and unleashed some shimmery love in their new original, “Classic”. Easily one of the greatest songs to have permeated the overly-saturated layers found in commercial dance music, “Classic” delivers with some refreshing Summery vibes to help us keep the streak going a little bit longer. With its neon disco resonance, an addictive guitar melody, and some sweet, sweet energies from Powers, The Knocks give us more the reason to make those endless days of Summer love that much more timeless.

It was a summer time, that summer high
Oh what a masterpiece
The way your eyes met mine, sweet
Like apple pie, caught in your energy
The future came to me, I see

We’re not lying when we say this song might have won the year for us (specifically this ninja, though) and our shameless number of plays can reveal so much more about how much we dig what these cats have evolved into. If you haven’t heard this song, then you’re in luck because you may or may not want to go get yourself a funky guitar, a slice of apple pie, and a sweet young thing to share those classic moments with. Support The Knocks by purchasing a copy of “Classic feat. Powers” on iTunes today – trust us – this is worth the $1.29.

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