Idea of You

Coming out of a city known for its house music, this Windy City producer is back again with another tune that will continue that notoriety. Not too long ago, we came across the up-and-coming Kryptogram when he took on Chris Stylez “Who Is.” Now, four months later, he’s once again perked our ears up, making us want to ditch our laptop and lace up some dancing shoes.

This time around, he’s offering up a deliciously smooth original, which features more soul and groove than you’ll know what to do with. The synths are soft, warm, and inviting, and happen to be coupled with one of the sexier basslines we’ve heard in a while. When you mix that in with a memorable, well-treated vocal sample, and some playful guitar work, you have one hell of a track to help you get through your day.

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