Hype Jones is a Australian born DJ/Producer who recently moved to NYC to rock the house… with House. His good friends The Kickdrums gave him their song ‘Love’s A Drug’ and Jones took it upon himself to create a gentle house remix, that just like a drug, will consume your entire body to only leave you wanting more once it ends. The non-intrusive melodies will crawl up on you and before you know it, there is no escape. Whether this makes you dream about being in an intergalactic ride across the universe, or simply think about the many definitions of love, one thing is for sure (and i really hate to use this word in 2010) this beat is epic.

mp3:Loves a Drug (Hype Jones Remix)

’Loves a Drug (Hype Jones Remix).mp3′

And if you want to revisit 2009 or simply live it: Here is Hype Jones Best of 2009 (thats not House) Mixtape




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