50 Cent
21 Questions (SNBRN Remix)

It’s safe to say that we’ve fallen absolutely head over heels for S0-Cal sunny house maestro SNBRN over the last few months. After two TMN premieres: a remix of Morgan Page’s anthem “In The Air” and a collaborative take with KLATCH on Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants”; both of which caught on like viral wildfire, we thought it was the perfect time to sit down with the blossoming producer and ask him a few questions on behalf of Ninja Land while simultaneously dropping SNBRN’s latest remix of 50 Cent’s “21 Questions”. About the new tune, SNBRN said: “I came across 21 questions a few weeks ago and I thought to myself, I have to remix this track. I wanted to create a fusion of nu disco meets hip hop while still keeping the flow of the vocals. The result was a bouncy, funky remix. Hope you guys enjoy this summer revival and remember to stay burnt.” It’s another refreshing take on a tune we didn’t think would work in the underground, but once again SNBRN revealed his knack for flipping tunes beautifully into dance territory. Check out the SNBRN remix of “21 Questions” above, grab the free download here, and read the full transcript of our interview below.

There always seems to be a wave of eclectic dance music emanating from the L.A. area. Does the surrounding music scene provide a bit of inspiration for you or do you try to shut in and work on your own sound without too much outside influence?

The surrounding scene does have a big roll in the music I produce. LA has become a hub for underground dance music, so I’m constantly being introduced to new tunes. I tend to not jump on the trend bag wagon and make music that I personally want to listen to. I wanted to create a hybrid sound of multiple genres and decades construed into a feeling that a lot of people can relate to.

So far you’ve remixed a couple tunes which premiered on The Music Ninja which were both on fairly opposite ends of the spectrum. First you reworked Morgan Page’s big-room anthem “In The Air” into an incredibly groovy indie-deep cut and then put a deeper, almost gargey lean on Ace of Base’s 90’s pop smash “All She Wants”. Now you’re taking another classic, this time of the hip-hop persuasion with 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” into “burnt” territory. How do you decide which tracks to remix for the most part?

The most important thing to me is originality, remixing tracks that haven’t been touched or that would take people by surprise. I usually start by listening to a bunch of tracks and artists I have written down over a few weeks and see if the track already has 1000 remixes. I then look for an acapella online and typically start by writing an entirely new chord progression to the vocals. I don’t like to use lots of pieces from the original, but more creating a whole new song from the vocal.

What is a typical day like for an artist such as yourself?

Wake up around noon, grab a quick bite, hit the gym then off to the studio. I like really long studio sessions were I can really knock out a big chunk of the track and then come back to add the detail and clean up work later. I also get my best work done at like 3am for some reason so I see a lot of sunrises. Thur-Sun are usually when I have shows and a day of recover is usually needed after haha.

Talk to us a little about your musical background. Did you grown up playing any classical instruments, and was music a regular part of your family life?

Growing up music played a big roll in my life. I start played piano around 11, played trumpet in jazz band during middle school and eventually got into guitar and played my fair share of bands in high school.

On that note, can you take us through your creative process a bit?

I always start with melody first, once I get the bass and chord progression down everything else falls into place relatively quick. I like to mix on the fly as well, it saves time in the end and helps fix problems early on. I try to work on a song as long as I can and once I hit the point were I start to hate it, I take 2 days off before working on it again.

You’ve been playing shows in California pretty regularly, from the storied ‘Control’ party, the Boatylicious parties and more. Will we be seeing you start to venture out and hit more markets soon?

Absolutely, plans for mid-west and Canada are in the works. I’m also an LED resident so lots of shows in San Diego and San Francisco will be popping up soon.

There are certainly some unique sounds within your productions. What programs and/or gear do you use to produce with?

I’m now on the new Logic Pro X and it has certainly helped my speed up my workflow. I also cannot live without Massive or The Korg Legacy synths. From time to time I do bust out the Virus TI, but I mostly work in the box.

Lastly, before we get into the fun stuff. So far you’ve basically been handing your music out for free. Do you have any impending releases coming down the pipe and how are you planning on releasing them? Any talks with labels or will the free route be the blueprint for now?

I am currently working on my 3rd  EP which will drop sometime this fall. I’m currently looking for my dream label, but have talked to quiet a few labels already. But I still plan on giving away tons of free music in the upcoming months. It kind of sucks to pay for music, especially if you’re broke. I always appreciate it when an artist can give back to the fans and get the music out there instead of go label route.

Great, thanks for answering the usual stuff, now let’s get into the lightning round.

This is always a must ask question. What is your drink of choice while performing?

I’m a tequila on the rocks kinda of guy.

What is one song that you own -whether it be on vinyl, cassette, mp3, CD- that you would be utterly embarrassed by if your friends found out you owned it?

I’m pretty sure I have Backstreet Boys Millennium somewhere in my car.

What was been your favorite album of 2013?

It’s got to be Hot Natured – Different Sides of the Sun.

What was the last great concert/live show experience and who did you attend it with?

Coachella this year was unreal. Shared it with a special someone and pretty much never left the Yuma tent haha.

Let’s stay on the same page now. Many amazing DJ’s and producers are known to be audiophiles and crate diggers. Did you have a favorite record store growing up, or currently?

Amoeba Music in Hollywood has got to be my favorite record store. I can literally spend days going through old vinyl.

Alright, let’s wrap this up with another TMN go-to question. If the SNBRN brand of music was an animal, what would it be and why?

I’m going to have to go with a sloth, but it has to be a dancing sloth. Why? It’s slow and smooth.

Well thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions from some of your biggest fans here at The Music Ninja. The 50 Cent remix is just excellent and we can’t wait for our readers to hear it as well!

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