Calvin Harris very own label, Fly Eye Records, ended 2012 with the huge progressive house release of Thomas Gold’s “Miao”. Continuing that momentum into a new year comes a bigger banger by rising London producer Jacob Plant. After putting out a handful of well-crafted originals and remixes from dubstep to trap, the talented producer is back more determined than ever with his bass pounding single “Shakedown”. Although it will be officially released January 28th, The Music Ninja brings you the very first preview of the track. Featuring a long and evolving build up of an extremely palpable note progression that slowly rises from down under, “Shakedown” quickly brings one back down with a gritty and most satisfying in-your-face bassline. It lives somewhere between powerful electro house and dubstep but rest assured it is a full blooded banger.

’Jacob Plant – Shakedown’

We are so excited about the release that we had to learn more about Jacob Plant and how he got involved with Calvin Harris:

TMN: Congratulation on such an impressive release with “Shakedown”! Tell us more about how you got started and how you got involved with Fly Eye records.

Thanks! It was quite a simple process really. My first link with Calvin was when I did a remix for his and Example’s song ‘We’ll Be Coming Back”. I met him when I was LA a few months later and we got talking, he and his manager suggested I should do a song for his label. I made a few tracks the week I got back and ‘Shakedown’ was one of them. It seemed right for his label so I sent it his way and he loved it, which a massive honour!

TMN: Often times it takes a while for an artist to find their own sound and style, describe your sound in three words and walk us through your main influences as a producer.


I grew up listening to massive range of music. I do get influenced by loads of different types of music and artists. I think the core influences for me are The Prodigy, Sub Focus, Pendulum, Daft Punk etc. That school of music has always really excited me and still does. I would love to do an artist album like those people but I am waiting for the right time.

TMN: With trying to get your name out there, what has surprised you the most ever since you started producing music.

Probably the most surprising thing was when I did a show and these kids had my name on their arms. They stayed at the front the whole time and were really loving it! For me it’s weird because I spend a lot of the time in a studio where it’s very isolated, so when you see that it’s really reassuring.

TMN: What is the life cycle of your track? How long do you take on each one and how much do you usually wait until you release it yourself or through a record label.

Well it does get quite complicated and frustrating. I have a lot of material unreleased that probably will never see the light of day. Sometimes I think I should just give it all away and then other times I think I should wait for it to get signed. I think the bottom line is labels are not as essential as they once where, but I do like to have songs released properly through a label, for me it feels right.

TMN: If your music was an animal, what would it be??


TMN: After this release, what can we expect for the rest of 2013?

This year I am focusing on getting releases out and smashing as many show’s as I can! I won’t be working on an album just yet but I will be making a few EPs / Singles for 2013.

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