It is always great when I see to different genre combine to make sweet sweet love. Kinetics and One Love are another great example to what happens when you combine electronic harmonies and synthesizers with hip/hop bass beats and witty lyricism.
Ever since they met in college, Kinetics, a battle rapper from Harlem, has been offering a distinctive compliment to One Love’s instrumentals, an eclectic reflection of Love’s background as a techno producer and drummer in an indie rock band.

Kinetics and One Love – The New Colossus (TRANFORMERS BEAT)

’Kinetics and One Love – 01 – The New Colossus (TRANFORMERS BEAT).mp3′

Kinetics and One Love – Music

’Kinetics and One Love – Music’

Kinetics and One Love – Dazed and Confused

’Kinetics and One Love – 09 – Dazed and Confused’
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