Ahh.. *sigh* dance music, my wonderful friend that keeps my body in motion at clubs and Discos. No matter how tired and/or drunk I may be (not that I always am :D), you are the one I can lean on in times of trouble. There are many types of electronic music for each mood you may be in, but if you want to party and dance all night long, nothing beats club remixes… just like the name describes it.. it is these tracks that are specifically designed to move your feet and get you emotionally ready to keep moving until you drop.

My first “2009 DJ Remixes Club/Dance Music Geniuses!” will be about an amazing duo from Scarborough just off the eastcoast of UK, THE SQUATTERS. Not only was I impressed by their tracks but also by the consistent level of quality throughout their work. It was hard not to post all their songs on here. Not only are their beats flawlessly remixed but they incorporate enough crescendoing, build ups, that just get you excited for more. Enough of the talk, I will let their tracks speak for themselves.

Cutback feat federal -_rock to the rhythm (The Squatters Club mix)


The Squatters – Clown Dance ((Original))


Analogue – Crystal Gypsy (The Squatters Remix)


The Squatters – Up To No Good ((Original_Club_Mix))


Know of a DJ that does awesome Club/Dance Remixes? Comment Below!

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