Paper Diamond knows what it means to fill a room with radiating energy; the man has been filling up venues for years with it. The Colorado native kicked off his Night Vision tour at the Ogden on Thursday night, bringing a mix of powerful bass drops with a combination of seductive melodies. Intertwined throughout the captivating tunes were pulsating vocals which just added fuel to the fire for the already animated crowd. With his new LED video set up and array of novel new songs, one thing is for sure, Paper Diamond is ready to show his fans on this tour what is means to Crunkstep.

Opening for Paper Diamond were two artists who know what it means to bring the dirty dub. Max Hype, also known as Protohype, started the night off hard with his creative mix of nasty dub with hip-hop drums which has been given the name Dub Hop. Second up, making his Denver debut all the way from the big Texas, was Crizzly. He said it himself, ā€œIā€™m nasty.ā€ Oh Crizzly are you ever. His sound is what Crunkstep is all about; mixing dirty Southern beats, a bit of hard rap vocals, and throwing in a few collaborations between artists such as DJ Khaled and Rusko. All three artists brought the dirt, the bass and the filth to keep the crowd screaming for more.

’Paper Diamond – Time Flies feat. Russ P’
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