There are some artists who make their presence known before they even make it onto the stage. They have made a name for themselves and before they dominate their set, the audience is ready to unleash their ever loving praise onto that artist.

Enter said artist, Figure.

Josh Gard, aka Figure, has been an admired artist for a long time but only recently in the past few years has been making his name known and his sound praised for his ability to bring the bass in and around every show. Figure’s Super Sonic Brain Wave tour has been busting brain cells from coast to coast and Denver was no exception. He started the night strong and dropped the heavy beats right away, never letting up for even one minute of his set. Figure mixed a selection of deep base and rap, threw in some piano and tantalizing drum solos and put his Drumstep touch on songs by artists such as Dolly Parton and Kanye West. One thing is for certain, the packed crowd at Cervantes never stopped moving throughout Figure’s whole set and they were still feeling his bass drops throughout their brains the next day, go Figure.

Sending vibrations from floorboard to floorboard, Vinnie Maniscalco, Lazerdisk Party Sex and Robotic Pirate Monkey opened the night with uncontrollable energy. Vinnie used his turntables to do what he does best; rub a massive amount of bass in the audience’s face. Next, the boys of Lazerdisk, Pres and ZJ, tore the stage apart and “set it off” one dirty beat after another. Last but certainly not least, the three bad boy monkeys of RPM got down to business with their beat-tastic remixes of Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent and Snoop Dog. Rocking DJs, pulsating bass drops, engaging video sets, the audience could not have been more captivated. Thank you boys for giving my ears and feet a much needed dirty beat work out.

’Figure – Super Sonic Brain Waves – Fall Tour’
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