just a poppa dosvec“Just a Friend” is a 1989 classic from rapper Biz Markie. ‘The song interpolates the 1968 song “You Got What I Need” (1968) by the late singer/songwriter Freddie Scott, whose basic chord and melody provided the base for the song’s chorus and made it famous’. Dosvec has created a mashup where both Biggie and Biz contribute and become “Just a Friend”. Even though I am a fan of Biggie, I’ve grown to hate almost all Biggie mash-ups. There are just way too many of them and it surprises me that still today dj/producers are pasting his lyrics over anything. Having said that this mash up strikes me differently. The combination of Biz Markie sincere choruses with Biggie’s raw lyrics from “Big Poppa” creates a much soothing and personal feel to the song. To hear/buy more remixes/mash-ups from Dosvec check them out here. Or follow him on twitter here

DOSVEC -Just A Poppa

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