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The Constellations will officially be releasing Setback in the UK on the 8th of March through Parallel Lines (although you can download it for free through Virgin Records). I just discovered them today and I am really impressed with their psychedelic pop/rock vibe. They remind me of Cake with sprinkles of Mars Volta resulting in a much richer, “full’er” production that combines a variety of different sounds at once. With so much going on it is almost expected to sound chaotic, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hate to be this corny, but The Constellations reminds us that out of chaos, comes beauty. It is a challenge not to have your mind wonder onto a different dimension because all these simultaneous harmonic melodies make for a very surreal experience. Check them out.

When it comes to remixes I either want to hear something completely different from the original or very subtle edits.. but definitely nothing in between. Kickdrums does a subtle but fantastic job at adding a bit of drums to their new single “Set Back”.

The Constellations – Setback (Kickdrums remix).mp3

’Setback (Kickdrums remix).mp3′

Here is one of my favorite songs from their upcoming debut album Southern Gothic.

The Constellations – Step right up

’04 Step right up.mp3′
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