I'll Pray (Original Mix)

We love this industry as a whole, but there are a few things that stand far above the rest. Landing a huge interview is always great. Covering an epic show is always fun too. However, the one thing that really makes us grin ear-to-ear is when we get to premiere the debut song from an act. There’s just nothing better than being able to say, “you heard it here first.”

Coming out of the Venice of the North, MAINS is a brand spankin’ new synth pop act made up of two Dutch producers. As with a lot of new acts these days, this duo is taking a enigmatic approach, remaining mysterious about their identity. However, these two were once a massive European act that did a world tour, including countless major festivals from the likes of Glastonbury, SXSW, and more. The only thing is, no one knows which act they were. That really won’t make a difference though, as “I’ll Pray” holds its own, regardless of any previous projects.

While inspirations from the early 80’s are stil apparent, this duo has reinvented themselves by incorporating a very modern vibe. Bringing in influences of trop house acts like Klingande and Thomas Jack, MAINS brings in elements of indie synth poppers like Tanlines and Brothertiger, crafted by incredibly charming vocals. Coupled with a groovy four-to-the-floor rhythm, we’re left in a equatorial fusion of several genres, creating something that’s truly their own and simply infectious.

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