You know what’s the worst? After-Vacation Blues. Whether you have a couple days off work or a couple weeks of traveling, the days of not being obligated to do anything but chillax are the most glorious moments of your life. And then you are abruptly pushed back into reality. We know. It sucks and there is no easing into it, ever.┬áSo if you need help jumping back into the real world, let the Indie Dojo help. We might not bring you back to vacationland, but we can definitely give you a playlist to help take your mind off the harsh reality you are about to jump into.

’Birds of Chicago – Cannonball’
’Poor Remy – Wrecking Ball’
’Black Handed Kites – Up’
’Jim Guthrie – Wish I Were You’
’Imaginary Family – The Bird Watcher’
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