Vande Mataram Ft Viraj Bahri

Did you know that India has a new age National song? Well, now you do. SHIVV, an artist some Americans were introduced to on the main stage at Ultra, created the single “Vande Mataram” featuring Viraj Bahri that has made so much noise in the artist’s home country that people are starting to take serious notice elsewhere.

“Vande Mataram” has been the National Song of India for some time, but now it’s gotten an update by SHIVV who brings the single into contemporary times with a strong melodic makeover. It must have been a daunting task, attempting to re-imagine such a powerful song, but not only does SHIVV do that; he created a music video for the song to celebrate the continued independence of India. “Vande Mataram” can be translated to “long live the mother[land” or “I bow down to thee, Mother.” SHIVV and Viraj really did a tremendous job getting this project together, and the result is something that can live on to represent their home country with style and grace. Check out the music video below, and head over to iTunes if you would like a copy of the song.

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