Stanford University’s Taylor Grey is looking to take over pop music. As if finishing school at one of the country’s most prestigious schools wasn’t hard enough, she’s aiming high in an industry that’s anything but easy. The thing is, she’s on track to accomplish both her girls.

Recently she came out with her music video for the single “Never Woulda Letcha” that is directed by the award winning Sarah Mclogan. Before we get to the video, we’ll touch base on the song whose pop/electronic hybrid style has unlimited potential in today’s music landscape. The laidback, melodic sound is just what fans are looking to hear in sets, as well as on the radio. With the video, we see Taylor star across Sean O’Donnell of Unbroken. We get to see into the life behind the lyrics, a relationship between two people that is up in the air. It’s an emotional song with a simply striking video. Check it out today and head over to iTunes for a copy of the single.

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