We figured it was time for some d&b again, we had a few tracks lying around for a while that we wanted to finish and put out and we had 2 collabs that went well together. We wanted to call it the ‘Tryhard EP’, cause all the tracks were so full on. Then Nik & Karol (khomatech.com) started on the artwork, and couldnt really come up with anyuthing cool with that name, so we decided ‘Imperial’ was a better name. The artwork took about a week to make. We are very proud of this EP.

Noisia is back with some drum&bass action releasing ‘Imperial EP’ out now on Vision Recordings. Here is the single Dusttup, a collaboration with The Upbeats in a somber and dense percussion driven track.

’Noisia & The Upbeats – Dustup’

Purchase on beatport.

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