Pillar Point

In a split second, “Dove” immediately marches through your ears, into your brain, releasing that oh-so-coveted, smile-inducing, music-generated dopamine. Pulling elements from multiple genres, this incredibly attractive single from Seattle-based Pillar Point, is overwhelmingly memorable, encouraging listeners to sing along after only a few plays through. The combination of well-placed percussion, repeating violin sample, and groovy bassline all come together to support the vocals, calling on fond associations of some of the upbeat tracks Phoenix put out in years past.

“Dove” can be found on their upcoming LP, Marble Mouth, which drops on January 22nd, via Polyvinyl. Aside from the solo member Scott Reitherman, there’s also a handful of collaborators that might ring a bell, including drummer Cameron Gardner (Washed Out), Kevin Barnes (of Montreal) and percussionist Philip Mayer (Kishi Bashi).

We highly recommend marking your calendar for this sophomore release, which promises to have plenty dance-inspired tracks throughout.

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