If you have been following our twitter and facebook feed, you already know that while we have shown respect for South Korean singer/rapper PSY for creating one of the catchiest tracks of this millenium, it is already becoming ridiculously overplayed. Remixes of the “Gangnam Style” have found their way to the surface of the internet, many of which just miss the mark completely. From trying to turn the well crafted Korean pop melody into dubstep or electro, the new renditions soon become over layered cacophonies of noise. BUT, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as the dj/producing duo Candyland (the same guys responsible for the OG remix of “Sandstorm” and “Gansters Paradise”) have simplified the popular song into a very digestible minimalism track of pure bass and swag. Grabbing the verses of PSY, Candyland layers them over a much organic beat to truly create an OG experience.

’Psy – Gangnam Style (Candylands OG Remix) (Free Remix
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