Naughty Boy - La La La
Naughty Boy
La La La (feat. Sam Smith)

“La La La” is probably one of the most universally recognized phrases in all of music. It can be used as a replacement for almost any term, express any mood, and it resonates with nearly everyone. Because of that it seems like it’s used in just about every song, and almost every artist has at least one song using it as a title. Despite its widespread use however, British producers Naughty Boy and Komi are seemingly able to breathe new life into the term. As a sucker for anything with a Bollywood vibe, Naughty’s keen sample caught my ear right away, but it was the soulful vocals of Sam Smith that kept my attention on this wonderful pop tune. “La La La” is just the second single from Naughty Boy’s upcoming Hotel Cabana project, with the first being “Wonder” featuring Emeli Sandé.

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