It was early in 2012 when we were introduced to the now ubiquitous dubstep Producer/DJ Seven Lions. He has been capable of not only contributing to the evolution of dubstep, but mastering the interlacing of soothing extended vocals and melodies. Early on, as dubstep hit America, many up and coming producers were primarily going for sonic aggression, while another sub-section of electronic artists, including Seven Lions, prioritized on well-crafted harmonies above all else. Fast forward 4 years and it is still true today. A Seven Lions track can caress you into a soothing mental trance and equality shake you to the core, all the while providing a fresh take on the genre. This obviously brings us to his latest EP Creation. The collection of tracks are much rooted in organic elements than his previous work, providing a new marriage between the acoustic and the electronic worlds. Following a new approach to producing, Seven Lions explains,

This time, songwriting really took place on guitar. There are more acoustic elements in the songs, and that ties it together. I wanted to get a little more experimental. I didn’t worry if something was going to be a big banger on the dancefloor or not. I just made what felt right at the time.

And he absolutely nails it.

This, along with many other reasons is exactly why we are extremely humbled to introduce our next Artist of the Month of October. There are many artists we admire, but not everyone has stayed as consistent about evolving their style as we have seen from Seven Lions. During the following weeks we will bring you more insight into his world, exclusive new tracks and a few surprises in between.

In the meantime, we highly encourage picking up tickets to one of his upcoming shows. Aside from what you’ll witness in the video below, you’ll also be helping support the fight against cancer through the tour’s charitable partner, Fuck Cancer.

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Seven Lions