Louis The Child

If you haven’t heard of Louis The Child by now, you must be living under a rock. The LA-based dance-pop duo took the dance music world by storm last year with their hit single “It’s Strange”, which now has over 10 MILLION plays on Soundcloud. Robby and Freddy just recently played CRSSD Fest in San Diego, and we had a chance to briefly catch up with them before their epic “sunset set”. Listen to their new single “Fire” featuring Evalyn and check out the interview after the jump.

TMN: I want to start off by saying welcome to San Diego! And how’d you guys like it here so far? Have you guys been here before? 

It’s SO PRETTY here. The festival is right by the water, it’s awesome. We’ve played at Bang Bang last year or so, also played at UCSD. Other than that, we haven’t really been here much.

TMN: Actually, I saw your Snapchat story yesterday, where you teamed up with UberEATS to deliver goodie bags to people. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

We delivered these goodie bags to like three people. They had to order them and they didn’t know it was going to be us delivering to them, and they were all pretty excited to meet us. They all knew who we are. And on top of that, I mean – we gave them all free tickets to CRSSD haha.

TMN: Congrats on the new single “Fire”, it was very fire indeed. What’s the idea behind the track and how did it come about?

I just wanted to make people feel like they can do whatever they want to do. You know – whatever they had their heart set on. “I’m building a fire […] gonna run this empire”, anyone can do whatever they set themselves to. It’s a very fun track to make, I love the drop of it, and it’s similar to “Weekend”. We don’t have any other songs that do that, and it’s funny because everyone says it sounds like “Weekend”, but there are only one or two tiny things that sound similar in the track.

“Weekend” had synth plugs, and “Fire” had a synth pad. They’re totally different songs. They feel different and they had a different vibe. We’re super happy it’s out because it’s been sitting for a little while. It feels weird that it’s finally out, we’ve just been finding the right time to release it.

TMN: To go further on that, what do you think about the new dance-pop sound you’ve been working on? Is it something you guys will keep doing in the future?

Of course! We just want to make songs that will make you happy and want to dance. Songs that are catchy, fun, make you feel good, and songs that make you feel alive.

I know a lot of people construed pop music as bad. They’ll say things like “Oh you went pop” or “mainstream”. Going pop or making stuff that sounds poppy, to me that just means that it’s catchy. It means that you like it, and it’s stuck in your head. For example, “Lean On” is incredibly catchy in the pop world, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just because Major Lazer does that, and it doesn’t sound like “Roll The Bass” mean that it’s bad. Same goes to The Chainsmokers, they’re killin’ it right now. A lot of the music that we’re making now sounds similar, but we also have other stuff that sounds totally different, like an indie band. We’re trying to go all the way, diversify and do it all.

TMN: We know that both of you are very young, and are going on tour very soon. How do you balance music and school?

We’re actually both out of school now. It was interesting because last year was our biggest year yet. We put out “It’s Strange” and the remix package, but everyone from our whole team including our manager were full time students. Now that we’re not in school, it’s nice to just work on music freely all day.

TMN: We’re your biggest fans and we’re very proud of what you guys have achieved. I still remember when Robby played a show in some basement club in North Park a long long time ago.

Oh yeah, they weren’t paying us enough to fly both of us out here in SD. It was terrible. But we’ve come far since then. It’s all about just staying on and keep working, progressing, and racking them digits!

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