Wildest Promise feat. Valair

It’s easy to understand why we have some of the gifts we’ve been blessed with. All we need to do is take a peek into our family lineage to see what some of our ancestors excelled in before we easily understand how these things came to be. Valair is no different, following in the footsteps of one of his uncles who has been a part of an established accapella vocal group for years.

With influences and a heritage-based talent pool as mentioned before, it’s not hard to see how this 19 year old Belgium-born vocalist has had a heavy interest in music through the years. From the early days playing trumpet, to joining a choir at six, this youngster has had the music bug bothering him for quite some time.

Teamed up with the newly founded producer, songwriter and sketch artist Schulkid, these two have crafted quite the whimsical journey, rife with classical strings, horns, and a funky bassline. Instantly creating a charismatic musical connection, “Wildest Promise” shows a breadth in creativity between these two, showcasing the antithesis of pop-structured which ultimately provides the listener with something quirky and unique.

A few listens through, and we’ll sure you’ll agree that Valair’s soulful vocals and the delightful orchestral and tribally infused electro pop production from Schulkid leave us asking one thing – when can we hear more?

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