Denver based producer, StéLouse, just put out an EP on DIE HIGH Records which touches a few different vibes. “The City EP” features songs from a few genres, including post trap (as BBC referred to it for Wave Racer’s mix), jersey club and chill trap. The first track on “The City EP” is “T-Shirt” which is probably the hardest songs of this style I have ever heard! Bed squeaks on the buildup, funky slap bass, and crazy tom rolls make up this unregistered heater. The vibes on “Sixteen” are a bit sweeter. With smooth chords that will make you feel like you’re laying on a beach in Australia, this is one of our favorites on “The City EP”! My personal favorite on the EP would have to be “Joyride”. “Joyride” goes from a trap banger to an anthem Jersey club tune! On the last track, StéLouse winds things down with the title record on the EP. “The City” is the most seductive of all tracks from this EP. The brass on “The City” makes “the Sexy Sax Max” look like a joke. In it’s entirety, “The City EP” creates one of the most unique experiences you can have listening to music. Seeing as StéLouse gave this one out for free, we’re hoping we hear songs from “The City EP” when roaming festivals this year!

’StéLouse – T
’StéLouse – Sixteen’
’StéLouse – Joyride’
’StéLouse – The City’
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