Shoffy x Theodor

Even though it may be Friday, we still have to wake up and do the same routine as Monday. But when you have the weekend to look forward to, it makes the day seem a little more endurable. Now let’s add Shoffy and Theodor’s new collaboration to the mix.

The slow-burning groove, “Ride,” is a musical parallel of walking outside with the sun shining, clouds are nearly non-existent, air is crisp, and soaking it’s beauty and serenity in with a deep breath of the fresh air. The downtempo production floods every single sense with tranquility as it brims with lush organ flourishes and wavy rhythms that are laced with ethereal percussion.

Shoffy’s sultry voice and lyrics set a scene of romance that transitions from the daytime innocent kiss at a picnic to the nighttime intimacy of a bedroom lit by only the light of candles. Rejuvenate yourself with a listen of “Ride” and watch as placidity begins to takes over.

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