Open Up

That moment when you hear a new artist and just melt.

For a lot of you, that opening statement will apply to this relatively brand new artist. After gaining some critical acclaim in 2014, NYC singer/songwriter Gallant (signed to Mind of a Genius, the label behind Grammy nominated ZHU), is back after a full year’s hiatus. His first release on this label is what we’re offering up today.

“Open up” casually grinds against the top 40 world, providing us with something that’s quite fetching and memorable, yet the furthest thing from a hook-centric, pop-structured, radio hit. His voice is definitely primed for the former though, which we we’d like to give a subtle nod in approval for the decision to craft something truly unique. It would have been mindlessly simple to march to the beat of a major label with a voice like that.

Aside from the soaring vocals, rife with a dexterous range and toothy-grin-creating pitch, the instrumentals are the perfect backdrop for “Open Up.” Industrial at times, what with the percussion-style female vocal moans and all, we’re casually pulled in with future bass nuances, yet always left in the RnB world. It’s articulately crafted from start to finish, each sound carefully thought out, analysed and placed perfectly.

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