Digital Farm Animals
Digital Farm Animals 'Bad Idea' ft. Holly Partridge & MNEK

London’s Digital Farm Animals has been quite the apple of this publication’s eye, or ear for that matter,  since we had the pleasure of debuting their first single “Adore You” back in July followed by an intimate exclusive interview early last month. It’s safe to say that DFA’s artistic prowess and quality of electronic production has swallowed our psyche, simultaneously placing them on our proverbial list on “One’s to Watch For” in 2014. With their forthcoming EP, which was recorded mainly under the influence of some Down Under inspiration in Australia, Bugged Out, having just been released on August 26, DFA has released their second synth-wave driven, pop laced track “Bad Idea” featuring contributions from Holly & a recent collaborator on Duke Dumont’s smash single “Hold On”, MNEK. DFA’s sophomore public contribution follows a melancholy pop song blueprint conjoined with a moving vocal track which sees both vocalists’ skills intertwining in a product sounding in the same vein as South London’s soul songstress Jessie Ware, before unleashing on a simple, but rhythmically boisterous chorus. We’re certainly excited for more material from Digital Farm Animals as their first two entries into TMN’s life have been primly polished pieces of left-field pop music just brimming with potential, and catchy enough for any style of music consumer. Stream the tune above and have a Happy Monday.

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