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[House] ANATTA & Fred Paci & HONÜ – Steam Rollin’

The minimal master ANATTA has teamed up with Fred Paci and HONÜ for the hot new single “Steam Rollin’.” This absolutely groovy original doesn’t need many layers to do a lot of damage. ANATTA and crew hone in on a few key elements for an intimate anthem that you can’t help but to vibe to.

The trumpet is nothing short of sexy and leads a strong production that’s as mesmerizing as it is catchy. Released on Hungarian Hot Wax, this record is a gem that will be your playlist’s secret weapon.

Steam Rollin’ was a straight jam! We made this beat in one night and knew Fred was the guy to lay down some trumpet right away. Steam Rollin’ came together very nicely and we are glad it is finally seeing the light of day!” – ANATTA

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