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Stylust Beats – Bandana [TMN Premiere]

Stylust Beats

Fans of Stylust Beats can expect new music soon. In fact, they get a little something now through this Music Ninja Premiere with “Bandana.” This single is the title track for the Los Angeles act’s forthcoming EP, due out on October 13th through Sleeveless Records.

“Bandana” is a cool hybrid original, blending the sounds of trap and dubstep together in a way that few have done before. Usually when that happens, producers opt for a heavier, harder sound, but Stylust Beats switch things up for a more thugged out vibe. It’s got groove and attitude. Fans will surely be digging this one in a live atmosphere. It’s a dynamic record that can be played at anytime and have people embracing it to the fullest. Expect more great tracks from Stylust Beats on the Bandana EP. For now, download this single today for free.

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