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[Trap] Carmada – Maybe (Elk Road & SLUMBERJACK Remix)

Maybe (Elk Road & SLUMBERJACK Remix)

Carmada has quite the list of remixers for the track “Maybe.” On that list you will find Elk Road and SLUMBERJACK who are two act’s that have begun a race to the top, with both having already landed huge releases. Now, OWSLA is backing their official flip of the Australian’s original. As far as trap goes, this is one of the freshest recent releases that has hit the web. It has a classy vibe to it, but there’s no denying this is a turn up tune. Get your trap arms ready and prepare to bob and sway, as these two acts have dished out a solid tune. They did an amazing job of utilizing stems from the original, while also keeping infusing their own originality into the mix. The remix EP for “Maybe” has not been released yet, however the pre-order is currently available.

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[Chill] Elk Road – Hurt No More

Elk Road
Hurt No More

The bar for creativity in the electronic music sphere is being raised more and more every day and Elk Road has been doing most of the lifting. Though he isn’t a household name yet, the young Aussie soundscaper is well on his way to becoming one, not only through the superb productions exemplified through his newest release “Hurt No More”, but also through his own imprint Deer Lane. When words cannot describe a song in enough detail, sometimes the second best thing to do is listen however I will try and leave you with some parting thoughts. Before you melt away in this track completely, we want you to try and think of a song you love that sounds even remotely like this. Pretty tricky right? You definitely hear GRIZ and Pretty Lights elements to it, but it’s certainly an Elk Road record. The other thing you will probably notice is that while you can definitely identify this as an Elk Road track, you can’t really put a finger on why. You’ll go through his discography and discover no two of his songs sound alike and in fact what you are identifying as his personal brand is predominantly based on a craftsmanship and dedication to originality that us Yanks simply can’t match. Any genre, any BPM, any vocals; Elk Road will do it better.

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