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[Music Video] Bombs Away – Like You (feat. Elle Vee)

Soon enough Bombs Away will be releasing their debut album. Luckily, we’re not just going to tease you with that information and leave it at that. Instead we’ll share with you their collaborative single “Like You” that was created alongside Elle Vee, as well as the music video.

For anybody who likes art and fashion, this will be right up your alley. Even if that’s not your main cup of tea, the video is quite striking and the song is incredible. Together they make for an experience you don’t want to miss. By the end of it things get a bit crazy, which makes it all the more fun to watch. Check out the video below and get your copy of “Like You” today.

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[Future Bass] Paris Blohm – Into Dust (feat. Elle Vee)

Paris Blohm
Into Dust (feat. Elle Vee)

Lots of house producers are making their way into the future bass game. Not all are doing that great, but Paris Blohm made the transition with ease and grace. He’s still kicking up cool house hits, but with tracks sprinkled in like “Into Dust” with Elle Vee, the Los Angeles resident is showcasing just where he can take his music if he so desires.

“Into Dust” is about as big as a future single can get. A soaring vocal performance by Elle stands as a major highlight in this record. Behind the vocal, we get a smashing instrumental from Paris whose stratosphere reaching synths have fans aching for more. Lowly Palace did the right thing by getting behind this single, as it is resonating with fans and media alike. Don’t be surprised if its shelf-life is quite long. “Into Dust” is out now, which you can download from the digital service of your choice.

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