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[Future Bass] JOHN.k x Ricky Remedy – GOLD

JOHN.k x Ricky Remedy

We want to start this post off by stating the obvious, that “GOLD” is gold. The collaboration between JOHN.k and Ricky Remedy is an undeniable jam. If you express that you don’t like it then you are just lying to yourself.

“GOLD” has anthem written all over it. The unique future sound of the instrumental fits incredibly with JOHN.k’s soaring vocal performance that will leave you with goosebumps before the first verse even ends. After the track is over, you’ll be feeling the chills from head to toe. We’ll leave you off with this warning that upon listening, this may be the only thing you want to listen to the rest of the weekend.

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[Electronic] NOTNO – Live


New York City’s rising electronic act, NOTNO, has been cultivating some stellar sound design in recent months. I first caught wind of the duo when their uplifting tune “Take It Back” dropped around three months ago. Since then the energetic yet ambient style these two have mastered has been making multiple appearances in my kick back playlists.

Their most recent release, “Live,” builds on this juxtaposition between upbeat and downtempo approaches. The track opens by establishing a huge, spacey atmosphere that soon strongly driven by groovy basslines, high flying synths, and progressive percussion. To top it all off, echoing vocals accent the track’s otherworldly energy with a vocal hook that promises to stick in your head. Check out the tune here, and if you’re into it, give their other recent release, “Gold,” a listen.

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[Electronic] LIOHN – Gold


We’re happy to tell you that LIOHN is back with another treasure. “Gold” has been released via Refune Music recently, coming after his spectacular single “Over U” that we fell in love with instantly. With “Gold” the same thing happened.

“Gold” is a bit more upbeat than the previous release by LIOHN, showing some degree of variation that we hope continues into the future. The future meets pop style is increasingly being the go-to sound and LIOHN owns it like no other here. “Gold” is exactly what it is, gold. Although it’s barely been out, we already know this is going to be a classic within the LIOHN catalog that is filled, and will continue to be filled with gems. If you don’t know LIOHN, “Gold” is a great place to start.

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[Folk] Wake! Owl- Gold

Wake! Owl is a relatively new folk project lead by vocalist Colyn Cameron. Their debut EP was recorded with Dave Meszaros at Watershed Studios in Vancouver, BC over the course of August and September 2011. The band invited musicians, mostly friends, to come play parts on the songs and help fill them out with true folk glory. After releasing the EP on Bandcamp digitally on November 10th 2011 and the word started to spread. The EP had 500 downloads in the first two months, and the numbers continue to climb.

The single from the EP “Gold” is a good example of the overall sound of the release- embracing the term “folk rock” to its core. The guitars are acoustic and passionate, the percussion is simple but on point, and the vocal parts glue the whole thing together. When the song picks up, it truly is “gold”

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