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[Electronic] KR$CHN – Song For Mama

Song For Mama

Known for his unique signature sound, KR$CHN is a producer you need to know, if you don’t already. He’s remixed the likes of Tove Lo and Nora En Pure and his original works stand out as incredible. Take for instance his new single “Song For Mama” that see him extending his sound into a bit of a different territory.

“Song For Mama” still has the future undertones that are found in KR$CHN’s other works, but he flips the beat so that we get some house character to the track. Throwing that deep tone to the song resulted in something really spectacular that will crossover to fans of several genres. It’s an intimate tune, as you may have guessed from the name. KR$CHN expresses strong, genuine emotions with this track; they’re something you feel every listen through no matter how many times you already have heard the song. Get a copy of it through Bandcamp today.

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