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[Music Video] Stolen Jars – Long New York

“Long New York” comes to us from the New Jersey band Stolen Jars through their glint EP. The soft-spoken single was a highlight among an EP that was filled with lovable tracks. Even more lovable is the adventurous music video for the tune.

Perfectly encapsulating the light, playful vibe of the song, the music video does everything right to be a great visual fit. Good videos are not new to the band, who recently released an animation for their single “Eliot” which was amazing. With that and this video, a certain nostalgia is built into their work, one that is an echo of the worry free times of childhood. Despite the uplifting tone, there lurks the reality of time and memory, both of which can fade. Enjoy the music video below and make sure to keep up with Stolen Jars as their entire EP will be put into visual form!

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