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Fresh Hip Hop:Slaughterhouse – The One [Explicit]

Leaked new video of the Slaughterhouse – The One supposed to be released tomorrow on OnSMASH. You can listen just the song below:

Slaughterhouse – The One <3 hypem

’The One’

via [2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com]

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Steve Raynolds' take on folk "The Carnival Papers"


Song/Artist Steve Reynolds with his captivating folk influenced slow rock was featured in the soundtrack of Eli Stone’s “Mortal Kombat” episode with a beautiful mellow the song titled “Coming In Too Low”. Soothing and sincere sounding lyrics that spread across the emotional spectrum of indulgence, wanderlust, love, lost love, joy and a lot of pain, youthful run-ins with the law, full release, redemption and resultant wisdom.

His must buy album released June 3, 2008 The Carnival Papers appears to come across as folk yet it contains a lot of modern rock influences that give it a very unique sound. There are albums that only have a few great song and the rest track are just OK, which is definitely not the case with The Carnival Papers as Steve Reynolds keeps you entertained from beginning to end. From the very folky lyrical driven “Once In Your Life” to the more epic violin accompanied songs “Mistaken Identity” and the heavy orchestrated “Coming In Too Low” Steve Raynold is able to pull every song with elegance.

Coming In Too Low – Steve Raynolds

”Coming In Too Low”


Mistaken Identity – Steve Raynolds

”Mistaken Identity”


Once In Your Life – Steve Raynolds

”Once In Your Life”


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Where do you go when you want to stay away from Cocaine?


An interesting question asked by the lovely voice of Julia (you might know her from the Frances or The Americans). Such a lovely song also came bundled with a remix of it by The Knocks. For some reason the vocals in the remix, with the added echo, kind of reminds me of the theme song of Metal Gear Solid 3, but I am probably just thinking out loud. The song is featured on Andrew W.K. and DJ B-Roc Presents. Damn! The Mixtape Vol. 1 on Cargo Records.

Check out The Knocks Myspace here

Cocaine – Julia


Cocaine (The Knocks Remix)

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Video: The Thermals "Now We Can See"

This video is just too awesome, I had to share it. They really enjoy performing.


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"The joke is on everyone", says Patrick Davy


Yes, the joke is on everyone that has not listen to the extremely catchy song title “The Joke” (click here to check out the video). Patrick Davy is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Detroit, Michigan. In his album debut “Where it began“, Patrick creates a balance between the simplicity of his songs and the powerful heartfelt vocals to create beautifully sounding melodies. As he points out “‘Where it Began‘ is a darker record than most as the songs are reflections of reality. Because life isn’t like TV. The record is directed at the heart and bones without the sales-pitch frills that the obsolete gatekeepers of the music industry have required for too many years.

“The joke” and “Took a long time” are one of the lighter songs that appear on his album. Others like “The feeling” and “Where it began” are much more mellow with a steady slow tempo. Make sure you check out his myspace to listen more of his album.

The Joke – Where It Began

”The Joke”

This Feeling – Where It Began

”This Feeling”

Where it Began – Where It Began

”Where It Began”

iTunes myspace

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Techno Remix: Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)


Victoria Hesketh (shown above), is a British electronica musician known professionally as Little Boots or as a former member of Dead Disco. “Stuck on Repeat” was released march of 2008 to be masterfully remixed by Fake Blood – I recently talked about one of this songs Mars. Make sure you check out Fake Bloods myspace and keep an eye for Little Bloods new album coming up in June 8th titled “hands” Give it time to start, it gets a lot better after the intro. Enjoy the remix!

Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)

via [beemp3.com]

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