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[Pop] Adara – Oasis


Colorado’s own Adara just came out with a superb song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. We would apologize, but we’re not going to. “Oasis” is the single we are referring to. Released by Archipelago Ent., Adara’s masterpiece is going to take your breathe away.

“Oasis” is exactly as you’d imagine, a sonic escape from the worries of the world. Her pop sound fits extremely well with the spunky future bass instrumental that her vocal soars from. There isn’t one thing wrong about this record; each tone, riff, drum fill, everything is where it needs to be. It’s sad to see when singers rely on the instrumental too much, but with Adara that is not the case. She is undoubtedly the star, shining with a performance that will leave you goosebumps. Love what you’re hearing? Get a copy of “Oasis” from iTunes.

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