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Jet Black Alley Cat – Roxy Music Video [TMN Premiere]

Jet Black Alley Cat enter the dojo to premiere their new music video for their single “Roxy.” Ahead of their upcoming tour, the music video is something fans can enjoy in their own homes, while the five piece band travel around the United States. We’re here to bring it to you early, as their tour starts in Nashville on May 21st.

With “Roxy” we get an amiable alternative rock record that shows off the band’s accessible sound that has put them on the air with the likes of MTV, Lightning 100 and more. “Roxy” is a memorable record that doesn’t just stick with you for a short amount of time; it’s going to be in your playlist for a good long while. The music video is equally as impressive, with an old-school feel that plays nicely with the song. It follows a lead female character, juxtaposing images from different settings throughout her day. Check it out first below, and make sure to check out if Jet Black Alley Cat are playing in a town near you! For those who would like to purchase “Roxy,” head over to iTunes.

Tour Dates:
May 21st @ Morgan Park – Street Festival, Nashville, TN
May 25th @ The Metropolitan – Annapolis, MD
May 26th @ The Otherside – Wilkes Barre, PA
May 28th @ Pianos – New York, NY
June 2nd @ The Camphouse – Chattanooga, TN
June 4rd @ The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
June 10th @ The Prophet Bar – Dallas, TX
June 11th @ Low Brow Place – El Paso, TX
June 13th @ Rebel Lounge – Mesa, AZ
June 16th @ House of Guvera – Los Angeles, CA *
June 18th @ Billboard Live! – Salt Lake City, UT *
June 20th @ Moon Room – Denver, CO *
June 23rd @ Fubar – St. Louis, MO *
June 24th @ The HiTone – Memphis, TN *
July 1st @ Bombshells Tavern – Orlando, FL *
July 2nd @ Churchills – Miami, FL

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