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[Electro Pop] RYNO – Who We Are

Who We Are

New York’s RYNO is back with a brand new single after a little hiatus. The track “Who We Are” is a testament to RYNO’s style, one that has fused pop with electronic for some time.

RYNO’s works have always had a distinct style to them, but with “Who We Are” we get the true embodiment of the vision. Even with a host of cool takes, this original is a stand out not only in terms of quality, but because it feels like RYNO is really hitting a stride. Enjoy this one and stay tuned for more.

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[Electronic] RYNO – Glory


RYNO is back with an original just in time for the 4th of July. Their single “Glory” is an indie-centric electronic record that was released independently. After coming off a remix/cover, RYNO is bringing back original content to heat up the Summer.

“Glory” has a whole lot going on in it from a stylistic standpoint. An eclectic array of styles are all mashed together to create the one product we hear today. It’s similar to that of the melting pot of the United States; RYNO takes that idea to heart with this track and it shines. RYNO’s experience as a band leader really shows in “Glory” as it has an organic edge to it and a strong vocal, something RYNO is no stranger to. Stream it today and have a great 4th!

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[Electronic] Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever (RYNO Remix)

I Love You Always Forever (Donna Lewis

Everyone should know Donna Lewis’ memorable 1996 hit single “I Love You Always Forever.” It’s classics like this that get people into music. Whether it got RYNO into music or not, we can’t be too sure, but we do know it influenced the New York producer in some way. How? Because he recently released a cover/remix of the track on Soundcloud.

RYNO takes “I Love You Always Forever” a whole different direction, adding many elements you aren’t going to find in the original. For a large part of the first half or so of the song, we get something that is simply an expanded cover, although great; it adds some instrumental elements along with a fresh voice for the lyrics. As it moves along we do get to a “drop” that gives us a little taste of electronic sounds that adds a nice touch to the cover. Check it out today and stay tuned for more music from RYNO in 2017!

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[Electronic] RYNO – Wishing Seed (Dulsae Remix)

Wishing Seed (Dulsae Remix)

It’s always good to see up and coming artists get official remixes. This was the case for Dulsae who was tapped by New York’s RYNO to remix the single “Wishing Seed.” Although Ryno may be a new name to many, as a Battle of The Bands champion, he is a respected talent in the industry. Not a bad person to get to be supported by!

Dulsae’s sound is something straight from the stars. An overwhelming cosmic characteristic emanates from this remix. If you’re looking to escape the week early, then you have what you need with this remix. The chilling mood of the newly defined “Wishing Seed” is undeniable. It whisks you away to another place with its soft soundscapes and mystical melodies. The fellow New Yorker Dulsae did not disappoint his creative brother with his interpretation and he didn’t disappoint us either.

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