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[Multi-Genre] Parker – Spark EP

Parker‘s debut EP, Spark, is finally here. Complete with five songs, Spark shows off just some of the sounds that make up Parker. Instead of creating an aimless collection of tracks like many producers do, Parker put together a cohesive, fluid EP that is incredible.

Spark begins with the poppy trap record “Home” featuring Oh Boy that sets the tone nicely for the rest of the project. There’s a little heavy edge so you know you’ll get some more bass in the project, which comes next in full force on the title track. After that “Shy” flips the script with a more heavenly, light sound. The rest of the EP follows suit with a brighter tone that continues through different genres. All in all it’s an amazing EP with our favorite track being “Wild” with Lost Boy. Can you pick a favorite? Let us know in the comments and get your copy of the EP.

’Parker – Home Ft. Oh Boy’
’Parker – Spark’
’Parker – Shy’
’Parker – Wild Ft. Lost Boy’
’Parker – Afterglow Ft. Bianca’
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[Electronic] Parker – Spark

Spark [NEST HQ Premiere]

Parker has a lot going on. By a lot we mean a brand new single, an upcoming EP and a Fall tour. The single is “Spark” which happens to be the name of his upcoming EP, as well as his tour. This will be Parker’s first tour, so it’s not something you’ll want to miss. Neither is his new single!

“Spark” is distinctly a Parker track. The introduction sets an upbeat, vibrant scene that the drop shatters with dirty bass. It’s not your typical dubstep/trapstyle bass, instead Parker implements his own unique sounds to make something lasting. Parker’s strength is that he has a true identity in his work, a character that breathes through each track. This one is no different and we’ll bet the EP is just as lively. Get your copy of “Spark” today and make sure to check out his tour stops in case he will be coming near you!

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